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Why Bi-Safe?

Why Probiotics?

Why do bacteria become resistant?

For many years it was believed that in order to obtain a good hygiene all bacteria should be eliminated by means of disinfectants. Today, scientists realize that many bacteria exist that are useful and necessary for life on earth. As a result, the use of antibiotics is being reduced. The more we learn about bacteria, the more carefully we look at them.

In the past years we have been confronted with news reports about superbugs that are extremely resistant and cause many infections and casualties. Their aggressive nature is caused by the excessive use of disinfectants and biocides over past decades, to which these bacteria have only tried to defend themselves. How would you react yourself if you were constantly attacked?

Not all bacteria are harmful to humans

Fortunately, friendly bacteria also exist that exert a positive effect on our health - probiotics. You most likely know them already from yoghurt , cheeses and food supplements. We have discovered that if we start using these beneficial bacteria for cleaning and personal care, they will not only remove all excess dirt (even microscopic) they also establish a healthy microflora on the surface. This immediately results in reducing the presence of potentially harmful bacteria as well as the risk of spreading these germs and allergens. Because this technique does not involve any direct attack on germs, it will not result in development of resistance. This promotes sustainability because no dangerous chemicals are used. Bi-Safe stimulates good and healthy microflora in a safe and sustainable manner.

It is our strategy, to establish a probiotic dominance of good bacteria, instead of killing germs. Bi-Safe restores the microbiological balance and lowers the risk of infection. Bi-Safe consists of a range of household products for cleaning, personal care and protection.

How Bi-Safe substantiates its claims?

Healthy microflora

Thanks to our probiotics the microbiological balance is restored and the risk of problems with germs is strongly reduced. For example, the risk of skin and other infections is lowered significantly. After 1 week of using Bi-Safe products the results on surfaces become visible.

Triple Microscopic Cleaning Technology (TMCT)

This unique technology creates a cleaning action on three levels:

Allergen reduction

Our probiotics were specially selected for their ability to produce enzymes that destroy a broad range of allergens. Thanks to Bi-Safe, the actual cause of allergies is being eliminated on surfaces and the skin.

Odourless bacteria

Most bacteria produce bad smelling gasses as a result of their metabolism. Because our probiotics do not, Bi-Safe actively prevents unpleasant smells instead of just masking them with perfumes.

2 year warranty

Bi-Safe is exclusively produced using a stabilized probiotic ferment with a guaranteed shelf-life of 2 years. Please pay attention to the SPF label that will warrant this unique quality.

A minimum of 50 million probiotics per ml

In order to be active probiotics need to be present in minimal numbers, otherwise the effects are not optimal. Bi-Safe guarantees a minimum of 50 million probiotics per ml of product to achieve maximum effect.